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My humor is the way that I process my world. I think it leans more sarcastic than anything else but nonetheless, I love humor. I use it most when I am uncomfortable or trying to get someone to like me. I will never use humor when I don’t care.

So what is JRNBBWECAT mean? It means…


Journey to the



Blog and then

Beyond and






As you are aware (because you are reading this) I started a blog. My wife who is an excellent marketing consultant always says to her clients, “you have to understand your why before your what”. And in that spirit the first series I would like to launch for the Redeemed Narcissist blog is a "why-even?" video blog.

Friends, family and my wife who know me very close know that writing a blog is truly a first time occurrence for me. I have never really written for public consumption before and I have always considered my writing and storytelling to be mediocre at best. But in the last few years I have been feeling a need to “communicate” more.

I really didn't want to write (being a naturally lazy person) but I needed an outlet for some of my recent self-development realizations and a space that I could process them.

I use humor to process my world and this blog is going to be a way to truly dig into my emotions over the past year or so and figure out where I am and where I am going.

We are all on a long journey called life. It has a beginning and an end. The middle part is called life. We have to decide what that middle part is. For me, I realized right in the middle of the pandemic that I wasn’t living the middle part to it’s best potential.

Honestly, I had become numb and lazy to life and there are many reasons for this. One major factor that drove me to become numb and lazy is how an unchecked ego and raging narcissism crept into my life and took hold in ways that both positively and negatively benefited and ultimately my life. Unfortunately, at the time, I wasn’t aware of how my thoughts and actions were greatly affected by the mystical power called, narcissism.

The series: the Journey to the Redeemed Narcissist is the first video series to explore this concept and define this for my life. My hope is that you 1) enjoy the blog, the humor, and the stories but 2) look at the experiences that I am sharing and see how they can apply to your life because here is the thing: I want to define what narcissism is and how one can ultimately become a "redeemed narcissist".

So enjoy JRNBBWECAT and let me know your thoughts and how you have applied the lesson learned in your life.

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