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How am I going to do this?

What a great question! I wish that an answer would just appear before me. Like right now! Now. Now.

Thought that would work. I know that this blog is going to be hard to write. Even right now I have a slight anxiety tingle forming through my chest and into my fingers and toes. Nevertheless, even now, I’m going to try and use some meditation techniques that I have learned over the past few months to help regulate my thoughts while I write this.


One of the things I have learned in the past few years is how to manage anxiety. There are many techniques that have helped me but the one I want to talk about is meditation.

Now I grew up as a Christian. My mom was Catholic when she was a little girl but then switched when she was older to Christianity. She taught these principles to me and I saw God transform my life, at that point, and I surrendered my life to Him. What this all means to me is that I grew up “resenting” anything resembling meditation.

Mediation seemed like something wacka-dos and crazies do. They sit in a circle and hum to each other. Then afterwards they all go out and drink a green smoothie and then hug a tree. Meditation wasn’t for me when I was growing up.

But since COVID…I had to start treating what manifested in the past 2 years, a severe case of anxiety. Now my Christian friends and family will pause here and say, “Well…maybe you got off the path with Jesus and you need to come to him for forgiveness and prayer and supplication.” I couldn’t have agreed with you more, when I was younger.

Jesus has been and always will be the center of my life but I needed to grow a new way to deal with the real anxieties in my life and reverse course on destructive life trends.


So in early 2021 I found a Meditation app called “Synctuition”. At this point in my life and during the pandemic, I had grown so critical of the world. I assumed that Synctuition wasn’t going to work. I scrolled endlessly through all the reviews, looking for any sign that it was a scam. I even looked up the science behind only to find that I was convincing myself more and more. Ultimately, I was amazingly pessimistic when I started using the meditation program but over time I began to see the effects improve my mood and outlook on life.

I was truly impressed! I hadn’t had a transformation like this since I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior. Pause, let me save you the brain-power, I’m not going to be tackling religion in my post but I will be tackling what the mind can do to the body and the synergy that I found between the two.

Synctuition taught me to look at my mind and body as two separate entities. For me, a natural over thinker this helped calm my thoughts towards the world. I have realized that life doesn’t just have to happen to me but rather I am a part of the experience.

For younger Tevin, this would have sounded like “hippy-dippy” jargon for someone who lost their way on their Christian journey but for older-wiser Tevin, I’ve realized it’s enlightenment.


So getting back to how I am going to do this? Well…by faith alone. It just seems to be the only logical answer at this point.

I am going to have to think back to the faith of my past and then release my anxieties into my future faith.

I like to refer to this verse when I feel like I don’t know what the next step is supposed to be.

“I am sure of this, that he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ” (Philippians 1:6).

This verse reminds me of what I have been through and sets my mind forward on the objective forward. The path is never clear or straightforward but with the faith of a mustard seed we can move mountains. Literally!

Have you driven through the Appalachian mountains? My family and I travel often and we get to see these amazing mountains completely carved through to allow a road to pass.


One day, one man (the government really) literally said, “I will move this mountain so that many people can travel through this mountain. Then with that faith and lots and lots of effort, they cut through the mountain, built a road and now me and my family travel freely through the mountains.

Faith is all it takes to reach any goal. That’s how I’m going to do it. Faith alone.



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