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Happy Freedom Day!

Updated: Jul 5, 2022

Happy Freedom Day everyone! Today, in the US, we are celebrating the independence of the United States from England.

I am a huge history buff and I greatly enjoyed watching #Hamilton on Disney+ when it came out and honestly, we still sing the songs on repeat in the car. What I love about exploring history is that we get a chance to look at, compare and contrast decisions over time.

As in the case of the succession of the United States, when I look at the decisions the founding fathers of America had to make, they were deeply challenged to act in the face of immense emotional pressure.

Think about it, generations of immigrants of Americans have been traveling to the “states” in search of a new life, free of Monarchical government oppression. King George, the oppressive government at the time, began adding taxes and soldiers as a way to control America's growing discontent. More on King George later but…

At the time of the independence of declaration, Americans were deeply depressed, overwhelmed and frustrated with their circumstance. It looked like there was absolutely no way out. Leaders like Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and even Hamilton knew what was at stake for their fellow Americans.

Some will rightly argue that these inflamed tensions led to the Declaration of Independence and ultimately started the revolutionary war but I argue and focus on the founding leaders that observed and used their emotions to their greatest benefit.

When life gives you lemons, make the best damn lemonade you can make. That’s just what the founders did. Using their emotions of frustration, anger, resentment, and a little bit of their personal ego, they declared independence from King George.

Like the founding fathers, I am declaring independence of my emotions today. Let’s be clear, I am not saying I want to be emotionless but rather be as in control of my emotions as the founding fathers were in the face of overwhelming pressure. I want to treat emotions like visitors passing through. I want to be highly aware of my emotions, taking firm observations of my emotions and why I feel them.

I would like to imagine 200+ years ago the founders processed their emotions at the continental congress discussing their fears, hopes and dreams. I believe these emotions are embodied in the constitution of the United States and we now live in a country crafted and created by an appropriate balance of emotions.

We must look to transform our minds and our hearts so that we may be the best version of ourselves at every point in time of our lives. Live intentionally and in the moment because there are so many depending on your independence of your emotions.

#emotions #freedom #redemption

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