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My name is Tevin Phifer. I am a husband for almost ten years to my greatest friend and wife, and a father for my amazing five year old son, four year old and two year old daughters. 

Over the last 15 years, I’ve spent my time diversifying my skills through various avenues of production, including presidential events, galas and fundraisers, corporate conferences, church productions and services, and most recently, wading into the entrepreneurial front with TTJ Productions, Very Good Marketing Company and Dependable Tech Services.

I have been honored to lead organizations like TTJ Productions and Dependable Tech Services especially during the toughest part of the global pandemic. I have learned so much. When the doors opened for TTJ in April of 2020, we hoped to at least break even or at least not lose everything. In fact, we were able to post nearly half a million dollars in revenue. I don't take sole credit for this, as my business partners and the few employees have been dedicated to the mission and vision of the organization.


So, I sincerely appreciated that you stopped by. There are so many skills I am currently developing in addition to the technical and creative skills I have over the past 15 years. I hope that you receive what you are looking for and if I can be of any service don't hesitate to reach out!


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Cover Letter



Cheif Executive Officer & Owner

TTJ Productions - Washington DC

April 2020 - Present

Successfully owned and operated an event and installation production company based in the Washington DC area, generally providing facility, production and creative services to various clients.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Provide executive leadership to a staff of three as well as three other business owners.

  • Prepare business reports and provide analysis of business financials including revenue projections and accounts payables.

  • Provide legal guidance to ownership team.

  • Maintain business agreements with vendors and leasing agents.

  • Directly responsible for business development.

  • Oversee and manage all staff and contractors, ensuring compliance with HR policies.

  • Oversee and execute all financial responsibilities for the organization.

  • Responsible for risk assessment and management.


Highlights and Technical Achievements:

  • Oversaw the generation of $500k worth of revenue in the first year of business.

  • Oversaw the production of: Under Armor's Town Hall (2020), CREW DC Annual Conference (virtual), Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership Annual Meeting (virtual)

  • Audio Producer and Engineer of the American Flat Track Motorcycle Racing League broadcasting to NBC Sports Network.

Freelance Audio-Visual Technician

Washington DC

September 2012 - April 2020

Produced and operated multifaceted live and broadcast experiences. Most roles comprising of Technical Producer, Co-Producer, and/or Lead Audio Engineer.

Typical Responsibilities:

  • Develop show rundowns and scripts.

  • Participate in planning meetings and provide technical guidance to meeting planners.

  • Develop logistic plans and ensure crews are appropriately informed.

  • Establish line of communication with onsite clients and represent the hiring company appropriately.

  • Oversee and lead crews in the setup and deployment of digital and/or analog audio systems.

  • Assisted in the setup of video and lighting systems as needed.

Highlights and Technical Achievements:

  • Audio Engineer/Lead: Anthony Brown Campaign Rally featuring former President Barrack Obama, Bernie Sanders Campaign, Kari Job, 10th Avenue North, The Museum, Rend Collective,

  • Worked with several Corporate AV Production Companies throughout the Washington DC area on reoccurring large scale conference to include: Production Resource Group, Production Management One, PSAV, and Event EQ (aka LMG)

Technical Director

Christ Chapel Ministries (Assemblies of God) - Woodbridge, VA

February 2016 to October 2019

Job Responsibilities:

  • Provide the leadership team with technical advice and support.

  • Manage Assistant Technical Director and 36 Volunteers.

  • Oversee each project’s life cycle from conception to completion, with an emphasis on technical soundness and resource efficiency.

  • Shepherd the development and implementation of AVL equipment purchasing and installs.

  • Oversaw the technical production of the annual Easter and Christmas productions with over 30 technical staff and volunteers

  • Meet with leadership to refine and evaluate requirements, strategy and content needs.

  • Research and introduce new technologies for all ministries.

  • Assist in creating in-house standards.

  • Planning and implementation of large strategic events.

  • Maintenance and care of AVL equipment and inventory.

  • Manage $50K budget + proposal suggestions for new projects.

  • Training & Development of staff and volunteers.

  • Assist Worship Pastor in development of productions and services.

  • Assist with marketing strategy, brand revitalization, and brand positioning.

  • Assist with strategic planning on Church wide initiatives.


J Street Productions - Washington, DC

September 2013 to January 2016


Producer/Project Manager for J Street Productions, a live event and installation company in the Washington DC area. Main responsibility is client relations and execution of projects.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Develop relationships with prospective clients and assist with writing a proposal.

  • Develop project planning documents and ensure effective communication across all departments. • Communicate with vendors and contractor for the project needs.

  • Oversee warehouse logistics and organization.

  • Assist with the recruitment of new contractors.

  • Assist with corporate vision and development.

  • Setup audio, video, and/or lighting systems when and where needed.


Highlights and Technical Achievements:

  • Technical Lead and Co-Producer of: YMCA Fairfax County Reston Gala, YMCA Loudoun County Chocolates Galore, Under Armour brand Reveal Conference, Brain Ball, WDCEP Annual Conference, Holy Cross Health Gala, Lockheed Martin NOVA Awards

Freelance Control Room Technician

WJLA/ABC7 - Washington, DC

September 2012 to September 2013

Job Responsibilities:

  • Operate video switching console (Ross Synergy and Sony series)

  • Operate remote cameras

  • Operate teleprompter

  • Manage audio levels at the audio console and mic talent as necessary

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Imagine the impossible, do the Incredible!



I had produced a live, in-house event in the same space for several years. This venue space has horrible acoustics. Picture glass walls, steel beams, and tile floors. Never the less, the event kept reoccurring and every time we were disappointed in some way, and so was the client that chose the space. We tried every approach we could muster but never had much success. With several crew members out of the office and unavailable, for the next reoccurring event, I found myself without enough bodies to even produce this event. Someone said, "We should call Tevin". He was a young man from our past that had formed his own company and I'd heard he was having success. Long story short, for the first time ever, everyone was happy. The client, the attendees and myself. He had done it using a proven audio design and by using real-time EQ and level adjustment. Best ever!

Richard Shahan

Director of Media Services

Prince William County Schools


Bread for the World gave me the opportunity to fulfill a dream I had to produce an updated version of a musical entitled, LAZARUS: The Musical. Tevin Phifer became a member of the production team. His expertise was invaluable in seeing this project come to life on the Arena Stage in Washington, D.C.. Not only did Tevin's professionalism shine throughout the process, he became a friend.

Don Williams

Director of African American Relations

Bread for the World

Lazarus The Musical.jpg


Tevin Phifer has an unmatched ability to provide solutions for production management. The energy of youth combined with years of experience allows him to reach goals that would otherwise be invisible to his clients.

Joseph Willett


Cuppa Joe Productions


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